Research & Development.

Castleblack Cannabis is committed to developing and distributing only the highest quality products for its customers. As such, Castleblack Cannabis has embarked on a very aggressive R&D program at its Jamaican location where it has a 10,000 sq ft laboratory.

It has partnered with the University of West Indies (UWI) to conduct research in the areas of genetics, cloning, production and harvesting of marijuana. In addition, Castleblack Cannabis will work in collaboration with UWI to develop a range of cannabis products for targeted medicinal applications such as Cancer, diabetes, pain, PTSD, etc.

Furthermore, it will develop unique Jamaican cannabis strains to create  Jamaican distinctive cannabis brands that will become recognized world-wide as the gold standard for consistent high quality, safety and organic marijuana products.

It will also assist UWI with new regulatory regimes for the standardized testing of cannabis and related products


In support of the government of Jamaica’s commitment to be a world leader in the R&D of medical marijuana, Castleblack Cannabis’s social and corporate goal is to significantly contribute to those capabilities through our partnerships with Jamaican Universities.

We have been able to conduct extensive growing studies using varying cultivation systems and techniques that provide a superior, consistent, quality product. Castleblack Cannabis has on-staff plant biologists who conduct research in the areas of genetics, seeds, strains and cultivation techniques of top-grade medical marijuana products.


The key to a success in the Cannabis sector is economies of scale. We are planning a large-scale marijuana production that will give Jamaica a competitive advantage in providing safe, consistent, high quality, and affordable Cannabis products not only for local consumption but also for export.

Castleblack uses GMP for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) in the production of all its products. Our unique production systems and operating procedures have been carefully streamlined for successful replication of Jamaica’s quality products.


Castleblack Cannabis is committed to the careful breeding of cannabis. Our belief is that if we understand the plant’s traits, and the genes behind those traits, we can grow the plants more quickly and with the same characteristics. Our goal is to have carefully cultivated products with a clear genetic history. It is extremely important to standardize those strains and protecting their genetic purity because Jamaica has a long history of world-wide brand recognition for marijuana. Our intent is to ensure that our R&D activities and cultivation practices perpetuate and enhance Jamaica’s reputation in the marijuana markets.

Castleblack Cannabis has a direct supply of genetics from multiple breeders and maintains an in-house seed breeder and geneticist on staff at our dedicated 10,000 sq. ft. research and development laboratory. Our research focuses on expanding its knowledge of effective and efficient growing practices, strain creation, strain utilization and product development both in the recreational and medical marijuana sectors.

Specifically, we will use appropriate testing and research protocols on various seeds and strains of marijuana for developing nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and edibles for commercial purposes.  In addition to traditional marijuana products such as flowers, edibles, tinctures, oils, etc., Castleblack Cannabis, in collaboration with its partners, will focus on developing medical marijuana products for a variety of medical ailments and pain management purposes. Castleblack Cannabis’s activities are in line with the Government of Jamaica’s intention to remain committed to supporting and facilitating stakeholder initiatives leading to the development of a medical marijuana industry in Jamaica.

In keeping with the goal of Jamaica to become a major player in the medical marijuana sector, our ongoing investment in R&D will allow Castleblack Cannabis to create unique, designer strains that are not currently on the market.