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Castleblack Cannabis Limited is a multinational company with operations in Jamaica and Canada. While headquartered in Jamaica, our focus is global.

We have made significant investments in Jamaica with the intent of creating a significant Cannabis industry in the country as well as exporting to world-wide markets.

We believe that Jamaica is ideally suited to become a significant player in the medical cannabis sector.


  • A 28 acre farm in St. Mary Parish
  • 15 state-of-the-art greenhouses
  • Research and development collaboration with the University of West Indies which includes a laboratory on our premises
  • A 40,000 sq ft laboratory including a custom built drying and processing facility for genetics, clones, and seeds
  • Our new headquarters and guest residences.
  • A workforce of over 50 people, soon to grow to over 100.
  • A contributing member of the Ganja growers and producers Association of Jamaica
  • An exemplary and productive corporate citizen of Jamaica providing sustained economic growth and economic employment for Jamaicans
  • 10,000sqft Genetics and water treatment facility